Thursday 5 June 2008


As has been covered earlier, parking at corners is fairly common, regardless of whom it inconveniences

But what do we see on this little French car, but a polite note telling them not to park this way in future

But look, the car is barely sticking out from Brookfield Road, Cotham into the narrow alleyway of Brookfield Alley. It is hardly blocking anyone, and if they are blocked in, well, they could reverse out 100 metres onto a blind junction on Cotham Brow, what's the harm in that?

I think someone is just picking on the car because it is foreign. In France, having a number plate with a 78 or 92-98 as the last digits would mark you out as from Paris on its suburbs; everyone else would treat you badly. Here we can't distinguish which parts of the UK a car is from, but something French is an obvious target for telling off


KWB said...

"Here we can't distinguish which parts of the UK a car is from..."

Shume mistake, shurely??

All UK numberplates of all ages indicate where the car was first registered - see wikipedia for an explanation.

SteveL said...

Yes, but its not so blatanly obvious as a 95 (paris) or 06 (Nice) marker. When touring round the alps you learn to recognise the local plate and those of parisians, as they are ones most likely to endanger you. The difference is the locals know the lay of the road ahead.