Tuesday 24 June 2008

Picton Street Congestion

This is why, even though white-vans are the hard-men of urban parking, down in Picton Street even they get as far onto the pavement as they can.

Here we see a very large truck trying to work out how to get through, while a gas-powered fork lift truck nimbly cuts through the gap.


Noel said...

Where on earth is that big ol' truck going? It only gets narrower further down that road!

I dont envy him having to sqeeze that big thing down there!

SteveL said...

I think it was trying to drop stuff off for the building works, and that it had turned off one junction too early. Trusted SatNav, I guess.

SteveL said...

Also: a lot trucks apparently end up on St Andrews Road, montpelier, intending to get to St Andrews Road, Avonmouth. If that is where this was going, its on the wrong half of the Montpelier road barriers