Monday 9 June 2008

Unsuitable for Vehicles

The sign on the entrance to Spring Hill says "Unsuitable for Wide Vehicles". You cant even drive all the way up and down along the kerb, as there are some steps at the top. So to park on the pavement here, you have to drive up from the downhill end, from Somerset Street. Which is what these cars have done.

This may be viewed as a selfish act -blocking off a road and a pavement so that the car owners can park near their work or house. And it does block off the road: here is a Ford Focus -hardly a wide vehicle-, having to retreat.

There was also a taxi on Somerset street that seemed unhappy that their option for exiting that street was gone. Yes, many people would call it selfish.

But think about this. By blocking car access to the road, downgrading it to a footpath, this road is being returned to its original eighteenth-century state. They are creating car-free zones within the inner city -without having to wait for legislative support. If only they could do this at weekends too, when the kids are back from school!

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