Saturday, 28 June 2008

More buses on Cotham Brow

People who complain that Bristol's public transport system is bad have missed an obvious fact: all vehicles are buses. Why else would all of these be going through a road-closed area that is blocked off to everything but buses?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this blog. The way these scumbags drive makes me want to kerb-stomp them.

Particularly infuriating to me is the way that smaller and more vulnerable road users such as cyclists are all apparently invisible to them, so that when one does remonstrate with the nutso drivers over their abominable, blind-psychopath -having-an-epileptic-fit style of driving they actually get surprised and hurt and don't even know what you're talking about. Gah!

So, in conclusion - keep up the good work!

Bikes-not-names said...

There are a lot of abandoned road signs around Cotham/Redland at the moment, and even though it's everyone's responsibility to obey the road signs, I think sometimes they have the crying wolf effect.

If you drive/cycle up Redland Grove for example, there's one sign (on only one side of the road) indicating the road is closed. The road is not under any road construction and so it's really hard to justify the sign.

Maybe if road signs were used more appropriately people would take them a bit more seriously. (not that anyone shouldn't!)

SteveL said...

@meg, you are right, its a bit of a mess right now. Most of the signs have blown over, and now the roadworks are over -with abandoned holes in the ground fenced off- things are back to near normal. The roads are quieter than before, but that seems to make the cars doing 'the brow' more in a hurrier than normal. I dont normally have Ford S-focus MPVs overtaking me as I do 30mph down the hill on a bike, because the oncoming traffic normally prevents this.