Monday 23 June 2008

Volvo: because your children matter more than other people's

When you buy a Volvo, especially a Volvo XC90, you are making a statement: that you care about the welfare of your passengers.

But actually you are making another statement: that you care more about your passengers than you do about any other people on the streets. And when you take your dear little children to school in your Volvo, you don't want their life endangered by other vehicles.
Which is why, once you buy a Volvo XC90, you are obliged to park in front of the pedestrian/bicycle access point to the school, on double yellow lines. Nothing else would be as safe as your new SUV.

During the month of June if you buy an XC90 in our end-of-school-year sale, Volvo will pay for all parking fines accrued within 30 metres of a school.

Volvo: because you know whose children matter the most.

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