Thursday 12 June 2008

Why pavement parking helps the school run

Here, up in the premium car corner of Bristol that is Clifton, we see why parking your BMW or 4x4 on the pavement helps the school run go so smoothly. First, 'the Avenue', where everyone has parked their cars up on the pavement. The traffic flows, so even late parents can drop their kids off at Clifton College on time, including the Jeep WR05MHL.

But just round the corner, on Guthrie Road, the BMW parked on the double yellow lines is not on the pavement, so these range-rover driving parents have to wait for the oncoming car before they can get home.

Similarly, round the corner on College road, cars parked on the road create congestion and making access to Clifton High School trickier.

This slows down child drop off and creates frustrated parents and children, which can not be a good start to a school day. And it risks your vehicle's wing mirror getting scraped.

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