Sunday, 31 May 2009

Breakdown on Hurlingham Road

Regular contributor KL sends in this photo of someone pushing their bike up the hill, past the car J417LFJ parked entirely on the pavement of Hurlingham Road, St Andrews, just off Ashley Down Road.
From the front of the vehicle, you see the sign "Sorry, broken down, "

KL asks "why is it more acceptable to block the pavement than to block the road? Or was the car already parked on the pavement when it broke down?"
Actually, that bit of Hurlingham Road is a pavement that the cars have to drive up and down to get past the cars in the other direction. It was probably driving up the hill when it broke down, much to the annoyance of all the cars driving up the pavement behind it.

Incidentally, we hear a rumour -just a rumour- that Hurlingham Road is likely to be closed to through traffic, and that the closure will be at the top of the hill, not the bottom -which must mean near the junction with Cromwell Road. More details on this would be welcome.


pema said...

Work to turn Hurlingham Road and surrounding streets into access- for- residents- only has begun. it will probably be completed in early May 2012. It has taken innumerable collisions, continuous road rage, massive pollution, regular gridlock and 15 years of campaigning to make this happen. Needless to say residents are ecstatic, but commuters are angry. Our wonderful councillors Jon Rogers and Gus Hoyt have received hate mail as a result of their support for the scheme.

Alex said...

It's fantastic. But drivers still try and use the roads despite the ROAD CLOSED or ACCESS ONLY signs that are up.