Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bristol Uphill Cycle Chic

This is a classic scene of the city: someone pushing their bike up a hill.

Some people may sneer at this, "be fitter or use lower gears", but those people haven't had their GP or knee expert sit down and give them the famous "Golf Conversation", in which they are instructed to take up less strenuous sports.
Pushing bikes up hill means that you don't need to be as fit, yet still get round the city, or so willing to suffer going up one of the many climbs. It also leaves you less sweaty, so you don't need a shower at your destination. It even stresses different muscles.

The hard part is finding the nice roads to push up. Nine-tree Hill is a classic, and far more pleasant than Cotham Brow. This one, Brook Hill, is in the middle of Montpelier. It's quiet and pretty.

Get out there and push your bike up a hill!


WestfieldWanderer said...

As you say, as I always say to my cycling group, walking up hills merely exercises a different muscle group.
Walking up hills with a bike - the all-round fitness programme. :-).

This picture reminds me of that famous Hovis advert.

Anonymous said...

It's essential for skint cheapskates like me whose gears stopped working properly years ago and can't afford a new bike. Good excuse too.

Ah yes, THAT famous 'northern' Hovis ad, filmed near Shaftesbury, Dorset.