Tuesday, 12 May 2009

St Werburgh's to Muller Road - "The Farm Pub Path",

For people curious about the status of the St-W to Muller Road path, which should really have a meaningful name like "The Farm Pub Path", it is not yet ready for pedestrians or bikes.

Except near the Farm Pub, where you can go along it for a bit and back again. Here then is the first video of a bike doing the path. The film stops suddenly at the end as the cameraman had to stop filming and go for the handlebars to negotiate the corner.

You can see the path is smooth and wide, and just calling out for FirstBus. It is clearly easy to pass the person pushing their bike up the hill without them diving away, but at the same time, the path radiates one concept: speed.

It is going to be so much fun when this opens. We could have a time trial that includes the time to down a pint of beer at the farm. A run-beer-ride triathlon, starting at the Miner's Arms, running over the narrows, having the second beer at the Farm, then heading to Muller Road and back. Start training now.


Thomas Guest said...

I gave this route a try at the weekend: it could almost have been made as a level, off-road route from my house to B&Q. But, as you say, it's not quite open yet. "16 weeks into 2009" it said on the big Cycling City sign.

SteveL said...

Have you not heard of "feature creep" yet? And you a software developer. The station road park wasnt on the original plans.

Jon Rogers said...

Morning all

I have had the following officer response, "The path is due to be finished by the end of May at the latest.

Note the word "due"!


Anonymous said...

Quick note. The path looked very open this afternoon. Good work!