Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Breaking News: the Farm Pub Path from muller road to St Werburgh is open

we got an email at 1700 today from "TG" who tells us that the Cycle City "Farm Pub Path" from St Werburgh's to Muller Road is now open!

And yes it is. It isn't even raining on the path. Here is the zig-zag by the underpass
Looking along
Looking down, the railway is on the left
Here is how the wall has been fixed up.

There will be a video to follow later on -but for now, get down there, check it out, have some beer at the Farm Pub.


Unknown said...

That's a really nice path.
It reminds me of a stretch of one of our pathways here in the Niagara Region of Ontario.

David Wilcox said...

They over ran by a month and the vaunted solar lights aren't installed. :-(

Also the dogleg at station road is completely ineffective as there is no obstacle to stop people going straight on.

Lovely smooth tarmac though.

Something to bring up the cycle forum next thursday methinks.

SteveL said...

-the give way signs went in, that makes all the difference
-It's a very swoopy corner on an MTB, pulls you through...

Anonymous said...

We visit St Werburghs regularly - can anyone point us towards a map showing the route the path takes?
Many thanks,

Bristol Traffic said...

good question. Here is a map

Bristol Traffic said...

And as a link