Sunday 3 October 2010

Gated Communities

Some suburban areas are too open to be real gated communities. And the council won't let us close the rat-runs, not even to cyclists.

But to discourage itinerant pedestrians, we can at least take control of the pavements on our own. We're British, after all, and know how to do these things.

Here's our attempt at gating St Oswald's Road. Fairly effective, with the use of 4x4 X953RRN on one side of the road, and KG54YGF - in combination with the bins - on the other.

That's both pavements blocked so only cars can get through unimpeded. Not the perfect solution, but it is a start, at least.

1 comment:

between-the-lines said...

What we really need is some kind of quantum reversing field that will zap small insignificant things like peds and cycs but allow big beauties like cars and lorries.