Thursday 14 October 2010

A touch of rouge

We're gathering data on Whiteladies Road, especially the various pedestrian and zebra crossings. Obviously, we don't walk or cycle ourselves, but we are paying a student to be a cycle courier for us. They think they are carrying blood plasma which has to be rushed across the city -in reality it's just water which we fill up their panniers before sending them to sprint up the hills. We are buying their suffering, while they film for us.

This morning, here is the Whiteladies Gate pelican crossing, on a weekday.

Notice how at 08:15 the pedestrian traffic includes schoolkids getting off the buses (or the train which arrives in a few minutes) who then walk up the infamous Cotham Hill to school. Note also the bicycle which slows down a bit and then rides straight through the pedestrian crossing.

Clearly this cyclist is exceedingly fit, as he does not even need to stop for a rest when presented with an opportunity.

Note also, before the lights change, the vehicles heading down the hill. Less than 25% of the inbound vehicles are turning left into Cotham Hill, and bicycles can travel down the wide road alongside the cars.

We hear of some plans to redesign this junction, along with others, which is why we are collecting our own data on how this junction gets used.

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