Thursday 7 October 2010

Muller Road update

One of our cities unicyclists was complaining last month about some barriers up on the approach to the Muller road bicycle buildout
What about the blockage at the lower end? The side of the lane is marked out with concrete blocks, and there's a bloody great "bear right" sign across the entrance. It's hard to tell whether this is just to prevent cars from parking/driving in the cycle lane, or if the whole thing is supposed to be closed. However, the effect is to make it quite dangerous to enter the lane at that end, even at the relatively low speed and high manoeuvrability of a unicycle. I can't imagine trying to use the lane on two wheels.
Well, we are pleased to note that the works are removed, there is a keep right arrow for cars and an arrow on the ground for bicycles

This provides them with a safe approach once they get past the car transporter parked in the bus stop
Something that appears to be a semi-permanent fixture of the road.
We hope the unicyclists are now happy!


between-the-lines said...

A car transporter - just what every bus stop needs!

That way, any sensible persons who have mistakenly embarked on a tedious bus journey should be able to alight and avail themselves of a much more prestigious and forward thinking form of transport.

Rhode Long said...

Let's face it, this is a vision of the future. Single level car parking on our streets and cycle lanes is not going to be enough soon so multi-story parking in this way is far more efficient.

McD said...

Surely this route is only for bicycles - it is clearly not intended for unicycles or they would be pictured too.

Shawn said...

That's actually one of the new doubledecker buses that Firstbus is trialling on the 24 to Lockleaze. It's an initiative to get car drivers on the bus by letting them bring their car with them.