Wednesday 20 October 2010

Traffic Calming the corners

Here we see the junction of Aberdeen Road and Whiteladies Road, with the car VA08SVZ forced to park sideways on to the pavement up by the corner.

Despite the double yellow lines, they aren't blocking the dropped corner.
What they are doing is forcing turning traffic to slow down, and by narrowing the road they are providing a "build-out" like feature for passing pedestrians, even those pushing bicycles.

As such, we think even the pedestrians-rights groups should be supporting the driver for parking in a way that not only conveniences them, it helps improve pedestrian safety!


Rhode Long said...

What about the green peugeot behind it ON the pavement. Surely this is a better example of the lengths poor motorists need to go to in order to park right next to their favourite pub.

Rhode Long said...

...or the Enterprise rent a van along the road that is on the pavement and double yellow lines of the road at the same time!