Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Secret Mina Road Parking

Another contributor emails bristol.traffic at gmail.com with a photo and text:

Here in St Werburghs, ex Royal Mail van W794KDA is demonstrating the use of a convenient telegraph pole to completely block the pavement, without the need to put all 4 wheels on the pavement.

Such was the driver's selfless dedication to the cause that he ignored the empty parking bays opposite! He did let the side down a bit when seeing the photo being taken, he said he would "only be 5 minutes", but still, it is a start


Steve Crawshaw said...


can I send you a paveparking photo and some text to accompany it? please send contact details. Ta

SteveL said...

bristol.traffic at gmail dot com is the official email address. Submissions they get received, processed and then possibly shown. Keep the text in line with everything else, we want praise, not criticism, and do state which part of the city you are covering (area + street) as we tag the posts with these details.