Wednesday 6 October 2010

Police don't have a problem with pavement parking

A heartwarming letter from someone on the opposing team reaches our inbox, with photos.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Slug
Date: Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 4:26 PM
Subject: Police don't have a problem with pavement parking
To: bristol.traffic

I hope you are pleased that you now have the police on your side with regards to pavement parking.

I reported this car V298FAN at 9 am this morning, and to my surprise found it was still in the same place with no sign of a ticket on 7 hours later, so I phoned up the police and found out they had been to Tilling Road and looked at the car during the day and decided that it wasn't blocking the road and that there was enough room for pedestrians to get by. 

I have re-reported it as several parents found it difficult getting their children past this obstruction right on the inside of quite a blind bend. The policeman is obviously narrower than me (must find out what diet he is on), and because he has been provided with special work clothes he doesn't mind brushing up against the prickly beriberis plant (whereas I don't want to spoil my cashmere cycling jacket). The lady on a disabled scooter/wheelchair couldn't fit through either (maybe she could also go on the policeman's diet).


As usual, complaints from alternative transport enthusiast are a metric by both we and HMG's Minister for Cars, the Rt Hon Philip Hammond are measured: the more the better.

We must remind our supporters that this is why they must attend their local PACT meetings, here the one on October 11, to make our priorities known, and not those of people like this "slug" person, who is clearly wasting police time just when the country can afford it least.

Tilford road is handy for Southmead Hospital, incidentally.


Downfader said...

I have seen joggers in the dark collide with cars on the pavement. I have seen guys in wheelchairs have to go into the road and around some plonker's car. And i have seen a mum with a pram bash the wing mirror of a car and berate the driver sat in his seat when she couldnt get past.

Drivers do it a lot here, I think some expect to find the car vandalised as a result

Rhode Long said...

Good to know that when parking, as long as the road is not blocked and anorexic pedestrians with no prams, wheelchairs or carrying ladders horizontally can get past then it is OK. Thank you Bristol traffic for publishing this benchmark that we can use in evidence in the future. You continue to provide a valuable service to us war weary motorists.

Phil Mead said...

What I can't understand is there are now Police notices along Stapleton Road which state it is illegal to park on the pavement and on the spot fines will be handed out. Does this mean the poor residents around Stapleton Road have to abide by different laws to the rest of us?