Wednesday 27 October 2010

Southwell Street: the ongoing crisis

Our secret instrumentation of cyclists, with some followup chat, shows us how these people endanger pedestrians and patients on Southwell Street.

Look how they
  1. Cycle along the "pedestrianized" bit of road on Southwell Street, so endangering anyone forced to walk along this bit of road by the no-pedestrian barriers around the car-park entrance.
  2. Pop up on the real pavement to get around the gate completely blocking the road.
  3. Stay on the pavement to get past the van V722LAE parked in the no parking area by the gate.
  4. Leap onto the road and endanger pedestrians crossing the road, the delivery vans, and the cars dropping staff off.
  5. Swerves into the oncoming lane to get past the Ginsters cornish pastry lorry.
In the past, someone suggested to us that we should make Southwell Street the official logo of Bristol traffic, as a combination of a gate to block bicycles and a pavement closed to pedestrians represented our city. Well, it does -these cyclists ignoring the hints that the NHS gives them -that cycling to school, work or the nearby university is wrong- show us the problems we face in our city. What else can we do to ban them?

1 comment:

gus900 said...

Easy, haven't you seen that the video clearly shows there's
a) another gate that's been left open?
b) the opportunity to send road-tax dodgers up a set of steps on the left that connect with a perfectly good WALKway (my caps) and keep the roads clear for UBHT vans.
Obviously UBHT are a bunch of pedestrian (and) bicycle-loving fellow-travelers.