Sunday 3 October 2010

Firstbus update

Muller Road is now even less of a destination. The bus terminus there is closed.

This is good for us motorists, as it means less pedestrians trying to cross this important road.
Apparently it also means there will "temporarily" be less buses in the timetable. This will obviously benefit us drivers across the entire city. But who else wins?

Well, we can't see any of the cyclists mourning less firstbus buses driving into ASLs on red lights, such as here on Stokes Croft, even if the bus S721AFB here is a 'green' chip-fat bus. Presumably it pulls in at Slix or Rita's to fill up.
What about the pedestrians, will they suffer?
Judging by the way this FirstBus bus WX59BZF drove over the ASL and into the pedestrian crossing area on a red light -and not a recent one, as traffic from Ashley Road had the green light- they'll be safer too.

Assuming the cut-back buses are the low-profit bits of the schedule, we don't imagine FirstGroup will be in a rush to replace the drivers -they like their margins.

(update reposted images. thank you bsk!)


bsk said...


The 4 images on this post do not show as their addresses all start http://localhost:60175 ...

between-the-lines said...

Dear BT, if you are going to beat the good-for-nothing foot wallahs you are needing good grammar:

"Fewer pedestrians"

"Fewer buses"

"Fewer cyclists"

is what we need!

SteveL said...

we are team, only some of us are bad at grammar.

the scientific operator we use, <, is the less-than symbol. Less than it is.

see past discussions, my my little grammar petulant without the mathematical underpinnings.

between-the-lines said...

Now, I shall know better than to question a mathematician.

between-the-lines said...

In fact, you have given me an overnight revelation that Total Mathematicalism is The Way Forward to the 100% Pure, Rational and Mechanical society of the future, where no-one will ever have to walk or cycle ever again.

Thank-you Team.

SteveL said...

Interestingly enough, Google are funding a pedal powered monorail.

We don't know whether to celebrate their plan of getting cyclists off our roads, or to mourn the fact that we won't be able to cut them up or spray them with water as we pass them.

between-the-lines said...

Well, Google must be losing their touch, encouraging this sort of primitive foot-powered motion. Still at least there is fairly extensive infrastructure associated as a civilising influence.

In Google's favour, I did recently see them driving down our rural Westcountry cycle path with their motorised mapping vehicle, so maybe there's hope for them yet.