Sunday, 13 June 2010

4X4 Parking opportunities off Park Street

One of our reporters "P", sends in a couple of pics of Berkeley Square, off Park Street. The first notes the availability of a large area of  parking spaces.

Yet round the corner, the range rover K200V is parked in front of the steps, on the yellow lines. Our reporter asks us to explain the reasoning here.
Well, its obvious why anyone who owns a range rover would park where it has.
  • It's drive in, reverse out, saves with the trickiness of a parallel park in such a vehicle.
  • It's probably cheaper. If you park in a paid area you are expected to have a ticket, whereas in the single yellow lined area, it is free except if a traffic warden is to catch you out. If the penalty is £30, if the cost of being ticketed is less than one in 30, it's cheaper than paying a pound to park for a while.
  • The paid parking area may be time limited, the penalty for parking their past the limit the same as on the yellow line -so why not park closest to your destination.
  • Most importantly, the steps from the park actually provide a safe and convenient access point to the vehicle. Without them, getting in and our your Range Rover can be quite tricky.
Some people my think that the RR is blocking pedestrian access to and from the park. Not so. It is possible to get in and out, you simply cannot run down the stairs and straight into passing traffic. In the absence of any tax-payer funded pedestrian safety features, the range rover driver is providing such safety features as a charitable gift to people too poor to afford their own 4X4.

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