Sunday, 20 June 2010


I pay road-tax, so I expect my roads to be kept in good condition.

No point in driving a brand new 4X4 and getting it ruined by ruts and potholes in town.

So it's nice to see that Coldharbour Road, in Bristol, has now been resurfaced.

Also nice to see the Council putting up helpful signs for me as I drive to the Cambridge Arms for my six pints of wife-beater.

Impressive, clear and thoughtful.

What I though particularly good was the way that road was kept clear at all times, with the pavements being used for the cones and signage. Perfect.

The only minor downside was swerving to avoid the cyclists with bleeding noses in the middle of the carriageway as they avoided the well placed signs.

Serves them right, they're usually on the pavement anyway.


maliknant said...

I'm afraid I might be asking a stupid question, but how does one submit a photo to Bristol Traffic?

SteveL said...

ahh, you email it to bristol.traffic at their address, and either it disappears into the void or pops up some days later. If it's timely it tends to appear sooner.

The team also like commentary in tone with the rest of the articles, none of this cynicism stuff or criticism of important people.