Saturday 5 June 2010

Update: crossings in the centre

A forwarded email from "dempster" hits our inbox, regarding whether or not these lights do anything useful for buses or bicycles.

Thank you for your email regarding the pedestrian crossing on Broad Quay. I assume you are referring to the crossing by the junction with Baldwin St. Cyclists are allowed to use this route as they are allowed to use all bus only lanes/routes. There are loops cut in the road surface that are designed to pick up cyclists but unfortunately due to the size of bicycles they are quite difficult to pick up. The loops are X shaped. If you position your bike over the centre of the X the loop should detect you and put a demand in for the lights. The lights will still take some time to change as they are linked to the lights on Baldwin St but they should change eventually. I hope this helps please let me know if you require any further information or continue to experience problems.

What this appears to mean is that if a bicycle chooses to get in the middle of the lane, and any following buses decides to stop for the red light, then it may change and the cyclist survive. We encourage cyclists out there to participate this experiment, and they or their next of kin to forward us the details

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