Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Concerned of Cliftonwood writes:

STUDENTS: This is why you need to get a job and start earning some money.

Not only will it buy you a Porsche and a personalised number plate (P10NNR in this case) but look: the super-privileged get their own parking space outside Waitrose on the Triangle too. Handily, the double yellows stop anybody else parking there.
Update: Custom plate may be P10RNN. Thanks to Paddy for the correction!


Unknown said...

isn't that P10RNN ?

Quercus said...

It is indeed.

But the car is nearly legal, as it is not actually on the yellow lines, it's miles out from the kerb.

Now although this is technically in breach of Rule 239, it is probably better than parking on the pavement.

Which shows that us motorists really do care.