Wednesday 9 June 2010

Bristol's secret Unicycle Problem

In our coverage of the two-wheeled enemies of proper transport options, we have neglected their fellow-traveller, the unicycle.

They come out, they spin their wheel, they take up space, they pay no road tax. They don't even have brakes!

They even use the same route options stolen by bicycles and pedestrians from us.
This particular one, Peter Haworth, is apparently in training for cycling the Coast to Coast ride this coming August, according to his web page.
We strongly encourage people to sponsor Peter, as it will ensure that for one week -and probably the week after-, there will one less unicycle in our journeys through Montpelier. As UK taxpayers can get basic rate tax back on their donation, we can also be happy that a fraction of our donation will not be frittered away on cycle paths or trains.

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Bortzoid said...

Anorak fact - unicycles are not included in legislation covering bicycles, etc. That's what I read when I was learning to ride one. It's not illegal on a unicycle!