Friday 18 June 2010

SITA sponsorship continues!

We are pleased to announce another week's sponsorship of the St Werburgh's tunnel by SITA refuse collection, a fact celebrated by the brand-awareness siting of the truck WX51HBF at the end of the lane.

Some people might think oh-no, they have just photoed some refuse collectors who have parked out the way of passing cars for a quick break and perhaps a cigarette or two. We say no!
Look: this is the day before the bees-and-bicycles parade at the St Werburgh's farm fair. In the background of the picture you can see a Bristol Parking Services van, as an official member of the Bristol Parking Services team places no parking cones along the road.
As he does not place one adjacent to this van, or request them to move, the van is clearly here with approval from the council. Therefore, it is an official sponsorship deal -possibly even related to the farm fair!

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