Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bike Parking options for St Michael's Hill Chemist

The bike park plans imply two racks will go down in front of the chemist on St Michael's Hill.

There is narrow bit of pavement in front of the row of buildings, used as a primary student footpath weekday mornings, peak times 5-10 minutes before 09:00 and 10:00. There is no room for a rack on the pavement proper.

The chemist does have its own sheffield rack, too close to the other fence to be much use. Usually, the parked car blocks access to the single bicycle that would fit in.
The estate agent has a phone box, and alongside it a big clear space with signs in the window that parking is enforced by a private company.

If this forecourt is council property, yes, bike parking could go here. Otherwise, well, there is little space on the pavement, the estate agents clearly value their parking spaces.

Look how much it narrows further on too -on one of the key walking routes in the city. That is a really hazardous stretch of pavement to try and walk a child, especially during peak traffic hours, as vehicle wing-mirrors often end up overlapping the pavement, even when the car stays on the road. The signs from the shops are not exactly helpful either.

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