Thursday, 2 April 2009


The latest copy of the Bristol Cycling Campaign magazine is out -it appears to be using some of the collected photos of this site. We give them permission, even if the article is somewhat critical of the cars featured therein. More to the point, the article speaks highly of infiltrating the police and community PACT meetings to push a subversive agenda. Kingsdown is one such area -though Bishopston is holding out strong.

Here we see the effects of such an infiltration. The car WR51PFG has a ticket for parking on a corner in Fremantle Square.

1. It's a square, and full of corners. What do they expect?

2. You can hardly notice this car sticking out from the corner. It is perfectly in line with the vehicle in front.

The Cycling Campaign will be having their monthly meeting at the Cornubia Pub, 8pm, Thursday. Perhaps we should infiltrate it, sit in the corner drinking Hidden Quest beers and disrupting their whole plan to overthrow the city by asking questions about helmets and watching the fights.

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