Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Public Art

Is Bristol City Council secretly installing new Public Art across our city to celebrate 'Cycling City' status?

I've noticed a number of these new sculptures around the city lately. I'm not sure I really approve (although I do have very catholic tastes when it comes to art).

Of course the problem with these works of art is that they selfishly occupy cycle parking spaces. Maybe the Council needs to re-write it's art strategy.


Thomas Guest said...

I think you have a point about cycle parking spaces getting occupied. Have you ever tried to find space to park a bike on one of the stands at Bristol Temple Meads? I reckon at least half the spaces must be permanently occupied by abandoned cycles.

SteveL said...

or junk bikes the owner doesnt want stolen. a friend who works in the north fringe had his weekday bike confiscated at parkway station as it looked abandoned.

Thomas Guest said...

Steve - surely the best measure of "abandoned" is "not removed for N days in a row", where N should be some sensible number - 7 maybe? How long had your friend's bike been parked there?

snafu said...

A wrecked bike as art to contemplate cycling city status? Yeah, that figures.