Thursday, 16 April 2009

Road Politeness

Road rage stories make the press, so its nice to see people being polite.

Here is a car HN06ZGG that has moved two dustbins and some bags of scaffolding so they'd have somewhere to park in Kingsdown.
Clearly the builder trying to work there is inconvenienced. But do they get upset? Do they get abusive. No, they leave a nice polite note on the windscreen

Many thanks for parking over driveway and moving bags, but we need access to driveway for parking as working in No3, Any problems knock on door. Thanks.
That is the politest such note yet encountered. Spring must be making everyone feel goodwill towards others.

The next evening, they are defending the driveway with a collection of potted plants.

One of the big arguments about making this street in Kingsdown residents only is that it would be expensive to have builders round. Compared to having to mark out a space in potted plants and still run the risk of someone taking it, that cost may be acceptable to residents. And it will stop that Carol Voerderman coming round to use the Laundrette just round the corner.

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