Thursday, 9 April 2009

Keep an eye on this Honda

BristleKRS has been building up the database for us on a single car. This is an impressive piece of work which gets dangerously close to stalking, were it not for the fact that the car appears to be following him.

This Honda Civic loves the corner of Brunswick Street and Wilder Street. It loves parking there all day long - on the pavement, on a single (admittedly partly rubbed out - due to persistent illegal parking) yellow line (no parking 8am-6pm), on the corner (defined by the police as dangerous).

Despite the recent blitz of parking tickets and fixed penalty tickets doled out by PCSOs and traffic wardens, this particular Honda Civic seems to have escaped their wrath repeatedly. It was parked there all yesterday - no ticket. It's been parked there all today - no ticket. And that's despite a traffic warden walking past it this morning. That's despite the same traffic warden walking past it a second time an hour or so later (as captured in the second photo). That's despite the same traffic warden ticketing a car parked on the other side of the road to it. That's despite a Parking Services van driving past it shortly before I took a picture of it.

Perhaps Honda Civic KF02CKJ is a magic car; a magic car imbued with an invisibility cloak; an invisibility cloak which only affects enforcers of parking regulations.

Or perhaps Honda Civic KF02CKJ is owned by someone who works for Bristol City Council Parking Services, which is, after all, headquartered just a short walk down Wilder Street in Wilder House.

Will we ever know?


All we can say is: wait and see. More to come.

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