Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Gloucester Road Secret Parking

Continuing our guide to secret parking, today is the turn of Gloucester Road. There are lots of convenient places just off it, like the bike lane, the corners and pavements of North Road. But that involves walking.

What we have today is a secret parking place that is closer than any other, because it is not near Gloucester Road, it is Gloucester Road. The wide pavement on the other side of the road from the Bread Store, near the fancy new patisserie "Tarte", is a secret parking area.

The trick is to know that Taurus Recruitment. whose shop you park in front of, has apparently closed down, with a a Shop Lease available sign above it. While it is seemingly unoccupied, there's nothing to stop you just parking in front of it, popping out, then going into the shops that are open.

Access: just drive along the pavement the way this van WN07ERX did.


gareth said...

I'd imagine that the van is on private land?

Bristol Traffic said...

Its the van from the hifi shop across the road, which drove over the pavement to park outside a closed shop. It may be private land, in which case there is nothing to stop anyone else trying the same trick