Friday, 17 April 2009

More road politeness

On the very same spring day we saw a previous polite note, this car, parked just round the corner in Cotham Road South, also sports one
It says you have parked across a disabled space so we couldn't get our wheelchair in the car all day.
and yes, it does seem to have managed to back up against the disabled car to the extent that it is impossible to move that car or get the wheelchair in or out the back

Again, it's a really polite note. Points out the specific failing of the person parking, makes it clear that it is considered socially unacceptable, and leaves it at that. Any other time of year, it would be a call to the police and parking and shortly later, a towing. Yet on this sunny spring day, nothing but a polite note. Heartwarming.


seebag said...

how do i send you pics of an idiot today who has tried to go for 4 violations in one go?

Bristol Traffic said...

email them to bristol.traffic at gmail dot com. Thanks!