Friday 26 December 2008

Big Air at Eastville

A polite note from one of the Trustees of the Narrows advises that offroad biking round their St Werburgh's wilderness area is not encouraged. Alternative offroad commute options are to be used. Here is one: UWE to Frenchay Park road via the Portmerion estate, and down that track. Over at the roundabout, and then turn right into Eastville park. Which brings you to the Eastville Park Technical Area, here being used properly by someone who knows how to handle a bike: "K".

In a fit of user incompetence picasa managed to delete the video, where he described his bike -Specialized Hardrock- with some nice uprated Marzocchi Bomber forks. With the way he was getting the bike over the jumps, those forks are earning their keep more than most of the MTB suspension forks taken round our city. Nice riding, and a reminder that there some excellent places in-city to push a bike to its limits.


gareth said...

this nalso being the area where kids ride on trials bikes? we've been buzzed out walking our dogs on a number of occasions in this and other areas of the park. I find it unbelieveable that this should be encouraged

SteveL said...

Gareth, this is the little loop in the woods not far from the river. It's not near the lake, I've never seen bike/dog conflict there. It's a big park.

It's better to have somewhere to learn your technical skills on a bike than all the other things you can get up to as a teenager. That's why it's encouraged. Doing trials work in the park doesn't lead to crimes, drug problems or unwanted pregnancies.

gareth said...

I know where it is, I also know that we've been buzzed by kids on motorbikes in other wooded areas of the park as well.

Anonymous said...

Too many people crammed into too small a space. Add wheels. Recipe for conflict.