Wednesday 10 December 2008

Highbury Villas by lunchtime

Here is the Highbury villas road by 11:10, (disclaimer: on a different day). There are a lot more cars.

Of particular notice is anything corner shaped is occupied, and no van is going to get past the black golf

Where it is parked half into the middle of the road, you aren't even going to be able to make it round the corner, except maybe by reversing to the left and then going out forwards. That is not yet a move they include in the driving test, but it has value.

Assuming that at 0900 the residents and any commuters filled up the parking "spaces", this is the overflow for the students. Driving down here is committing, and if you are coming over to get here in time for your tutorial, you don't have time to circle round the rest of the area, which, to be honest, isn't going to have any parking spaces either. You may as well accept that a hint of a corner is all you are going to get and take it.

The owner of this car, RK51VHD has balanced the probabilities, accepted the risk and come up with a parking solution that while not "thinking outside the box", is certainly thinking of a box with bigger corners. Which is the kind of risk taking and innovative problem solving that universities are proud to instill in their students. Here we see what Bristol University instills in theirs. And because this cul-de-sac isn't currently scheduled to be part of the Kingsdown CPZ, it's one that they will be able to instill into future students.


Anonymous said...

Took a photo last night I think you might like to use, but can't see any contact details on the blog to send it to you? Am I missing something obvious? (I don't have a Blogger account).

Anonymous said...

we post it every so often: bristol.traffic at

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