Wednesday 31 December 2008

A winner!

Correspondent Q sends in a photo of a range rover.
I'm frustrated that I've been unable to find a winner to your competition this month, despite trying. I did spot one Range Rover in Park Street in a pay and display bay and thought I'd won, but the ticket was well over time, so it disqualified itself.

However, one walking through the Aldi car park in North Street yesterday I watched this one park perfectly legally! 'Nuff said.

This car is actually being very considerate. One reason nobody wants to park near a 4x4 is even if they take up the parking space without infringing on yours, you know their doors will leave another dent in your vehicle when they open them. By parking so as to leave room for the doors to swing wide without bashing anyone, everyone is happy. Q therefore wins the December 2008 Legally Parked Range-Rover award!


SP said...

They'd better be careful - Aldi has those fascist cameras which have crooks on the other end extracting your details from the DVLC database at £2.50 a pop.


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