Sunday, 14 December 2008

How many cars?

How many cars does it take to render a pavement unusable? One

This montpelier road almost has a pavement that works. In many ways that's unusual: many of the roads -Richmond Road, St Andrews Road, only have pavements that are visible to archaeologists that dig under the layers of cars. Presumably if they go deep enough they will find the roman-era roads, roads that will show that the natives parked their horse and carts half off the road.

From a pedestrian perspective, any number of cars more than zero means the pavement is broken. You can't go along it. If you are blind: bump. If you are in a wheel chair, problems. And if you have a push-chair its on road.

But that's OK. Because its a quiet road. The narrow bits wil force the cars to slow down. And there's no need for the police to enforce cycle on pavement rules here. Indeed, we suspect if anyone were to attend the PACT police-community meets here, it won't be bikes on pavements that people will be complaining about.


Anonymous said...

Car on pavement?

No problem!

Simply walk right over the car, preferably whilst wearing crampons...

SP said...

I'm sure I recall reading once about walkers (in the 'rambling', countryside sense) having the right to use reasonable means to negotiate obstacles to their right of way.

Presumably this applies to a Ford Focus straddling the whole pavement, and implies that you can indeed walk over it if you wish.

Not sure about the crampons though :)

Anonymous said...

You need the crampons to get up the steep side - health and safety rules etc :)