Friday 19 December 2008

Stealth Parking

We welcome a new contributor today, SimonB, who sends us a snap of a black VW golf in the motorbike-only parking area on Woodland Road, near the University.

It's in the solo MCs and bicycles section. Normally that would get you into trouble. But car X833EKM has nothing to fear? Why not? Is it because everyone knows that BPS knock off at 5pm and you can do what you want afterwards? No. It's because its a black car in a black parking space on a black night. Nobody is going to notice the car parked there. And if you can't see it parked, well, it isn't there, is it?


Anonymous said...

I think that's a VW Polo. I have never seen a Golf with such headlights.

SteveL said...

oops! polo it is! Thanks!

mnpinkfloyd said...

Exactly how do you park a bicycle here without it falling over?. Fit a kickstand, probably.

Anonymous said...

Not only is it illegally parked by being in a bike bay but it's facing the wrong way.
Personally I'd have bricked the windscreen.