Thursday 4 December 2008

Cotham goes Unionist

In past months, the community spirit and cost-effective taxi services of the segregated unionist/nationalist estates of Northern Ireland have been a source of inspiration.

Clearly it is inspiring people, as this month two house on Cotham have raised the unionist flag over their houses. Here in Cotham Grove

And again, in Cotham Road. Presumably this community spirit will be enhanced with coloured street kerbs and "no surrender" banners. something will be needed to not surrender too, perhaps the local branch of the Conservative and Unionist Party will make residents parking the no-surrender topic, moving on from "Say No to CPZ!" to "Cotham Says No!" in an Ian Paisley Senior accent.

This could be countered by Kingsdown going nationalist; joining up with the Peoples Republic of Stoke's Croft, embracing the republican theme and so creating a split in Bristol. The CPZ boundary is currently sketched out as down the centre of Cotham Road, and skating the top of Cotham Grove, so these houses could be next to the "peace wall" that will inevitably be required.


Rick said...

There is another one on Redland Road opposite the end of Fernbank. I have wondered what is going on as well.

SteveL said...

No idea. I thought maybe they were 3G base stations in disguise, but the two in cotham don't seem to be, just identical fibreglass masts. Maybe the Daily Telegraph is giving them away if you collect enough tokens.