Saturday 6 December 2008

Stolen Trike

Someone in Southville has had their red adult tricycle stolen, "(red Tri 1) was stolen from outside Reg's house 19.00 Friday 5 December 2008.
Pashley - large rear basket."

Here is a pic of the trike being ridden the wrong way round a roundabout during the Biggest Bike Ride event -it's certainly an unusual vehicle.

Anyone spotting it should contact Heather Anne Watts. She's listed in the phone book; call her there if you see it. Email wise, heather57anne -at-

Heather, we wish you luck on your search to recover it; we will keep our eyes out. One thing to consider. Unusual Red Trike. Southville. Who do we know there who would like an unusual vehicle to travel around in? Someone who wears red trousers?

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Chris Hutt said...

Brilliant linking to our friend G.