Wednesday 3 December 2008

Yes, but it's so convenient.

Over at Christchurch school, there is now a sign up.

It says "Parking on the zig-zags is dangerous and selfish"

The Parent driving VW Touran WV06WMO has seen the signs and is safely and unselfishly parked between the zig-zags and the keep clear markings, leaving enough room on the pavement for a small child to scooter into the wing mirror.

And at the front of the school, the owners of the camper van B694YNM are not parking on the zig zags. They are living there!


SP said...

That VW Touran parked fully across the pavement - how on earth did you stop yourself from going over there and lamping them one?

Jeez it makes me MAD.

SteveL said...

That would have interfered with the experiment.

The kids had actually snuck out the playground without their mums permission, so I did grass them up to woman who was looking worried and shouting out their names -I left them getting a severe telling off. If they had behaved, they would not have endangered the touran's wingmirror.

SP said...

If that was my child I would actively encourage him to scoot into that door mirror and do as much damage as possible without injuring himself.

My son is already in training.

SP said...

LOL, crossed comments there.

Put a sign up on the fence saying 'Scooting on the pavement is dangerous and selfish', with a stylized pic of a child damaging a door mirror.

SteveL said...

You've just given me the title for a new posting. Thanks!