Friday 5 December 2008

The Kingsdown Parking problem

Mazda WP56DYY must be very glad that Bristol Parking Services never visit somerset street. For if they did, the fact that it is on the pavement over double yellow lines and a keep clear sign might be an issue.

Might. Because alternatively, the Bristol Parking Services staff might just sit there in their van Y184NMW with the engine on, looking at it.

To be fair, it was a cold morning. Sitting in a van being kept warm by engine heat was appealing. Its just, well, doesn't Bristol Parking Service have a mission statement or something? Some kind of goal? And if not, well, what exactly does it do?


SP said...

By sitting there in the van they were actually preventing someone from illegally parking across those garages.

They were therefore fulfilling one of their goals.

Anonymous said...

They will probably have been observing it: penalties for double yellow lines are not immediate, because loading is allowed.

SteveL said...

I see. Even if they are on the pavement?