Wednesday 10 December 2008

Highbury villas in the morning

Returning to the Highbury Villas; first question: does it fill up with commuters, residents or students? Let's look 09:03 and see what has happened.

It's pretty sleepy, a little set of dead ends: one entrance road and two side roads. A lot of the housing here is student accomodation, handy for the university, the many excellent pubs and a somerfield that has not yet earned the "fresh" keyword on its sign. If these are their cars, they aren't moving today. The corners are not blocked.

There's enough froom for this van to squeeze through.

At the end of the road, after the keep clear zone, there's a back entrance for the arts bit of university. This was unexpected, and shows why for a student living here -or parking here- would be so appealing. A secret back route into the arts school.

Conclusion: at 9am the road appears mostly full of resident rather than commuter or student cars -though those residents are probably students.

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