Monday 8 December 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Here are some photos that were hanging around unpublished. St John's C of E primary school, Clifton

The entrance is on this cobbled alleyway. Some children are walking down the middle of the alley.

From the other side, the same unusual scene. Parents and kids walking to school. Not only is the pavement free of parked cars, the road itself is open to kids to walk down.

From the school run perspective, this is very unusual. Why does everyone walk to this school, when the others in the area seem to have all their kids come in by car, cars that then have to park up on the pavement. By eliminating the drive-to-school option, it is safer for everyone to walk.

Some people may view this as a success. But we at Bristol Traffic view it as a failure. By removing the option of driving to school, the school is not only forcing the parents to walk their kids to school, it is forcing the parents to continue on their journey, be it home or to work, on foot. Therefore it discriminates against people who want to drive to and from work. What's worse, it even creates pedestrian traffic that gets in the way at zebra crossings. We should identify what this school has done, how it achieved this walk to school transport structure, to make sure no other schools attempt it.

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Tim Beadle said...

"I love the fact that [in Japan] it is not permitted to drop your kids off at daycare or school in a car."
-- Japan Cycle Chic