Friday 16 January 2009

20 mph Bristol

It has been officially leaked to the local printed press: Bristol is to get two 20 mph zones. The plans have flaws, but what is interesting is their size: Montpelier and much of St Werburgh's are included in the East zone; Southville and Bedminster in the South Zone. Leaving only the North Zone, the West Zone and the Outer zones before we have city-wide coverage.

This means that it will be safer for parents to push their puschairs along the road in both areas. All the main roads are remaining full speed, so crossing the road at the back of this photo will be as dangerous as ever.

Oddly enough, St Werburghs north of the tunnel is 30mph, so bikes heading south can run into this van at full speed.

Presumably the speed limits will be enforced to same rigorousness as cars blocking crossings, parking on yellow lines or bike lanes/paths

This is a wonderful event in Bristol's transport history, and we look forward to the same positive experience that the Portsmouth 20 mph zones have been shown to deliver.

Look for more commentary on Green Bristol Blog and Southville Roads.

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