Wednesday 14 January 2009

The new Montpelier Multimodal Interchange

Yesterday, the Montpelier Multi-Modal Interchange was announced. What is it?

By the simple act of dropping the no-entry bollard to the bike-crossing, it is now possible to get your Range Rover all the way up the path, so park LO08YXR at the far end

This brings you up the bike and scooter park area, so making easier for a Range-Rover+bike or RR+scooter multimodal transport option. Drive the Range-Rover to Montpelier, then get out there and cycle or walk into the city.

Because the bike path is closed at one end to cars, it is still only usable as a cross route to bikes and pedestrians. By moving the Range-Rover from the yellow lines on Picton Street to the new MMI parking zone, Picton Street is now more easily negotiated by lorries -there was a recycling truck and a scaffolding truck successfully managing to squeeze past each other. The cyclists get better visibility when entering Picton Street, and are also slowed down when entering Richmond road, so improving safety there. Overall then, a valuable contribution to the city's transport problems.


Anonymous said...

That's LO08YXR.

Anonymous said...

Fixed! Thank you!

green tomato said...

The range rover's owner has no need of a scooter to continue his journey, as his other businesses, Herbert's Bakery and the Bristolian are only a cake's throw from Galliford Stores. You're thinking of Jamie Oliver.
The bollard was broken and disappeared somehow a couple of weeks ago...throughout 2008 this area was vehicle free. It has been reported. Andrew Spicer is the council officer dealing with it apparently.