Wednesday 21 January 2009

Threats to the state

Green Bristol Blog informs us that the cyclists caught running lights in Gloucester Road have been added to the Antisocial Database. And well they should. Nobody should run red lights, except here, on Prince Street Bridge. The cyclist below actually stopped, which shows how well behaved the majority of cyclists are. It's only a few that are trouble.

Still, adding subversive bicycles and their "fellow travellers" is a start. First they start campaigning for their own "civil" rights, next they start trying to seize power.

Over in the US, it turns out that in the state of Maryland, campaigners for bike lanes were added to the federal database as terrorists; the state government spent money infiltrating the campaign groups with undercover agents. Cycling groups should beware of any campaigners who bring laptops to meetings and appear to be able to touch type, that being how they record statements made by the enemies of the state.


Anonymous said...

I've used the new Princes St arrangement several times now (on my bike), and still don't understand what I'm supposed to do. Stop in both directions? Neither? Only when coming away from town?

Chris Hutt said...

Anon, I suspect that the confusion is deliberate. If you were given clear directions to do anything then the council might be held responsible for any adverse consequences.

But by putting all your options in doubt, whatever you do is off-your-own-bat and they wash their hands of any responsibility. In the jargon it's known as CYA (covering your arse). Expect a lot more CYA under Cycling City.

SteveL said...

Goal: Stop at a red light southbound, run the red light northbound.

Actual: nobody knows -yet-. After a month I'd expect people to keep going northbound, and southbound split into "veer across the traffic" and "stop at the lights"

Anonymous said...

Still looks bad for campaigners for bike lanes judging by what Obama said yesterday:

Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred ...

Safe to say the founding fathers weren't cyclists, eh?

Bristol Traffic said...

Probably a bunch of militant horse-riders engaged in a battle for ownership of the muddy trails in downtown Boston and where to park their carts.

But, the Homeland Security departments visa form 157, which is the funniest government form I have ever to had to fill in, doesn't have any "do you ride a bicycle" check box next to the bit where you are asked what nuclear physics skills you have or what role you played in any wars.

Over in London, the Met have declared war on Bicycles parked near parliament

SteveL said...

Also, having just read Karl Rove's Bush got most things right article, I have realised something.
Bush: rides a bike
Boris: rides a bike
Osborne: pretends to ride a bike
Bit of correlation there between riding a bike and being incompetent as a leader. No?