Friday 16 January 2009

Inconsiderate Trees

Leigh Road, Clifton, has areas marked out where cars should park if they are not to block corners and driveways.

Yet this car, WP06DKF is parked with the back of the car outside the "please park here" zone, whoever's driveway it is will have a bit of wiggling to do to get out. Why is this car parked this way?

It's the tree's fault. The way this tree is positioned, three-quarters along the parkable area, there is no way to park your car on the pavement and still be in the approved parking zone. The driver has had to make a choice: not park here or park here and maybe block a bit of someone's driveway -they chose the driveway option.

This problem, trees preventing parking, is common across the leafier parts of the city. Yet these areas: Clifton, Redland, voted against becoming resident parking zones. Do these residents not see they have a problem that needs fixing? If they do not wish to become resident parking, then the other way to address the problem is to cut down all these trees, so pavements can be used as intended: for parking.

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Anonymous said...

Over here at we've been wondering why BCC have been felling apparently healthy trees - now we know!

Based on your observations it's clear that the Council intend to tarmac the Mall Gardens in Clifton - they would, after all, make a superb car park, right in the centre Georgian Bristol.

You've made us all feel rather bad for selfishly campaigning against the unnecessary removal of four trees in this prime location...