Monday 12 January 2009

Welcome to Bristol -cyclists dismount

The city likes to present a message to people arriving over the Hotwell's Bridges. On the main road, the car route, it says something like "welcome to Bristol, a sustainable city" or something thereabouts.

For those arriving by bike, the sign "cyclists dismount" lets them know their place in society. Below pedestrians, though possibly above anyone misfortunate enough to depend on FirstBus for their transport needs


Chris Hutt said...

Interesting situation that one. If you arrive at that point by bike you will find that the traffic on one side or the other is stopped by a red light, giving you the opportunity to nip onto the road via the pedestrian green. Then you proceed ahead of the waiting traffic behind you but bearing in mind that one of the other merging traffic directions probably has a green and you must give way to them.

That's the sensible thing to do but it may be technically illegal, so difficult for the council to accommodate. So they cover their backsides by saying cyclists dismount and wash their hands off the consequences.

SteveL said...

Or you let the cyclists slide in to the off-the bridge route safely?

There is an access to Gloucester road that uses the pedestrian green -and that one at Castle park.

Unknown said...

Reminds me of this photo I took on Old Market a while back - Cyclists Welcome!

SteveL said...

Oh. that is lovely. I have to get me some of those stickers!