Tuesday 20 January 2009

Barriers to push chairs in Montpelier

Consultations with someone who walks and pushes their multiple offspring from Montpelier to Cotham every schoolday revealed that two areas they have trouble with are bikes running the pedestrian crossing on the arches, so endangering the children, and bins on the road.

Bins. Not looked at them yet. Let's see. Yes, on Cobourg Road, they are out today (a Monday), and keeping the pavement busy

Further along, there are more bins out

So stopping anyone from pushing a push chair down here. This helps the owner of the golf, who knows that nobody will accidentally bump a small child into their vehicle.


Anonymous said...

Walking around my assigned zone today, I found quite a large number of wheelie bins in residents' permit only bays, inconsiderately not displaying permits. Sadly, the lack of VRMs on wheelie bins means I was unable to do anything about it.

Bristol Traffic said...

Once RFIDs dustbins get rolled out more broadly you will be able to deal with them. It is important that bins remain in their designated place, which is of course the middle of the pavement.

Anonymous said...

That's Golf CF53LNX for your database.

Anonymous said...

Why thank you. Technically it is not a database, it is Google's Bigtable column store in Google's datacentres, but the key point is: it is indexed in a way that is more cost-effective than central government approaches.

Once the bins get RFID-tagged, we can start datamining them too; have my bike log the bins it passes on its journeys round town, work out my speed and which bins are on the pavement more often.