Saturday 17 January 2009

BRI hospital parking

The legacy printed press is campaigning for the BRI hospital to have a multi-storey car park.

If only the hospital had a multi-storey car park somwhere near the hospital, staff and patients would have no transport problems. Yet Bristol Council, that have embraced "green" transport, expect patients to come to hospital by other means, such as ambulances.

In the recent Accident and Emergency care survey, newspapers all round the country focused on what mattered to them: patient care once they ended up in A&E. But in Bristol we and the Evening Press know the real issue is not whether or not you get seen in a timely fasion by a medical student who is actually sober, it is whether you can park nearby to be eventually seen by a half-drunk medical student.

This is the most fundamental issue at stake in Bristol today. That is why it is so wonderful that we have a local paper that is so good at identifying the problems at stake it our city today and give it the coverage it deserves. Other problems, such as the collapse of the financial system and the consequences for the country, the city, or even what the impact it has in back-office employment in the city pales into into insignificance compared the to real problems this city has: hospital parking. Our own blog's contribution pales into insignificance by comparison.

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