Sunday 11 January 2009

Advanced Parking Space

Contributor "KL" posts in this pic of the Cheltenham Road car parking lane.

In the email, KL says ". It is not, as it may look at first glance, merely a car waiting for a green light in the cycle box at the traffic lights. It is actually a car parked in the cycle box. Which is pretty inconvenient to cars, as well as bikes"

If you spend any time on this road, you will know that the "bike lane" is in fact a parking area for the shops alongside it. As indeed is the pavement. In the right of the photo, there are two cars parked on the pavement, one completely blocking it. The only safe way to get around these cars is the road. But if the bike lane was live, if you could cycle down it, that pedestrian/bike conflict that the local press warn us about would arise, and the pedestrians would be in danger. By parking the way it has Honda N530JLB discourages cycling, so enhances pedestrian safety. Unfortunately, we can see that there is still a bike in the bike lane, coming up behind this car. Such selfish cycling endangers pedestrians and should be stopped forthwith!

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Anonymous said...

This car is actually performing a massive service for any cyclist wanting to ride down to Stokes Croft! It forces them into the middle of the road, thereby stopping anyone wanting to turn left from 'cutting them up'.

Which has happened to me... (only once...).

Thank goodness we cyclists have traffic engineers, law enforcement officers, and 'right thinking' car owners on our side.

(BTW WV is MULIT - I don't have one and never will - lol)